Folkestone is a coastal town in Kent, England.  Located on the South East coast, it is surrounded by cliffs and offers views of France across the sea.  The town dates back to the late 7th century, when it was known as ‘Folcanstan’.  The town originated as an important trade centre, importing and exporting goods from Europe.  Folkestone’s economy has always revolved around the sea, and fishing remained an important part of the economy until the 19th century.  The proximity of Europe has posed a threat in the past, and a harbour was built in the early 1800s to protect the area from invaders.  A railway was opened in 1843, leading to Folkestone’s transformation from a trading port into a tourist destination, while ferry services to France encouraged people to pass through the area.  The Channel Tunnel now links England with France, making Folkestone an important transport centre.